If you’re looking for support or in learning more about kidney disease this page contains helpful resources to help you stay connected and informed.

Support & Patient Advocacy Groups

See how others share individual experiences with dialysis and connect with other patients, caregivers and loved ones.

Insurance & Financial Support

There are many decisions when it comes to finanaces and your health.

Information About Your Kidneys & Dialysis Treatment

Learning how to live with kidney disease.

Resources for Kidney Transplant

Learn about finding and receiving a transplant.

Traveling & Dialysis

Please contact our office at least 30 days before your travel dates (4 weeks) so that we may arrange for your treatments at a facility nearest to your destination.  Many facilities want current labs and may require chest x-rays be sent to them before allowing you to visit their unit.  Travel request forms are available at the Dialysis Center.  Please see the receptionist.

If you're curious to see where other dialysis clinics are located, you can use these resources.

Industry Organizations and Publications

Learn more about what’s happening in the healthcare industry, including a specific look at the world of dialysis.

New Patient?

Find out what you need to know for your first day In-Center at Fort Smith Regional Dialysis by vising the Your First Visit Page.


Interested in working for Fort Smith Regional Dialysis?  See our Careers Page for more information.