Working With Your Renal Dietitian

Along with your doctor, your renal dietitian is the most important person helping you with your diet and nutritional needs.  Our dietitians are registered in Arkansas and Oklahoma as well as with the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics.  They have special training and work experience to help people living with chronic kidney disease.

Your dietitian will create an individualized eating plan that addresses your specific health concerns depending on your stage of chronic kidney disease and the results of your blood work.  They will give you specific tips on how to make eating an enjoyable and nutritious experience.

Dietitians are not the food police

If you're having trouble sticking with your meal plan or have indulged a bit too much by eating certain foods, tell your dietitian. They are here to support you and adjust things so you find it easier to stay on course.  Balancing intake of calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and minerals is not always easy to figure out.  Your dietitian is here for you, your success is their success, too.

New Patient?

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