Are You Ready For A Snow Day

Wednesday, January 3, 2024


When the weather gets bad and it is snowing and/or icy, we will still be here.  We will however be running shorter shifts.  If in doubt, Call:

Fort Smith Dialysis Center at 479-755-6700 and select option #7.  Listen to the message to see if we are on the Inclement Weather Schedule.

Poteau Dialysis Center at 918-647-9373.  Someone will answer your call after 6 a.m.

Van Buren Dialysis Center at 479-262-5700.  Someone will answer your call after 6 a.m.

ATTENTION PATIENTS:  It is extremely important for the Dialysis Center to have your current working phone number on file.




  • Watch the weather forecast
  • Call your dialysis unit to see if you can get your treatment before the storm arrives
  • Start eating a more restrictive diet- limit potassium, sodium and fluids
  • Ask someone to help you keep your walkways and driveways free of snow and ice to prevent falls


                                          BE IN THE KNOW 

  • Make a list of your medications with doses and instructions
  • Make a list of contact information for your health team
  • Pull out your disaster dialysis handbook that your dialysis center gave you. This book has some great recommendations in it.
  • Know how your transportation will work in winter weather
  • Get a back up transportation in place in case your first choice is unable to bring you to dialysis treatments

             BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE      

  • Keep patient ID card with you
  • Keep a current copy of your lab report card with you
  • Keep a current copy of your dialysis orders with your lab
  • Contact your local utilities (gas, water and electric) let them know you are a dialysis patient and see if they have a priority restoration list in case of a out     age              

     STOCK UP     


  • Create an emergency kit- include diabetic supplies, five-to-seven-day supply of medications.
  • Create an emergency food supply, three-day supply of non-perishable foods that will sustain you while controlling your intake of phosphorus, potassium and sodium.
  • Gather flashlights, batteries and candles in case of electric outages

     CHECK UP     

  • After creating the emergency kits- once a year make sure none of the non-perishable food is expired, medications have been replaced
  • Phone numbers have not changed
  • Medication list and dialysis orders are up to date
  • Batteries are still good
  • Stay up to date on all vaccines – covid, flu, pneumonia




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